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Problem restoring factory tune with predator...

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I can read codes no problem with my predator, but when I try to restore the factory tune (or install ANY tune for that matter), the predator keeps telling me script error, no communication. ANY idea's? PLEASE?????
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Blown fuse :confuzeld
Nope. ALL fuses good.....AND..... I can read codes and data with NO problems or delays or anything.
Same problem here, I am going to send mine back to them. I have already had it updated once but they are going to look at it. I also tried 2 different quad stealth tuners and no luck loading either.

Quad told me I may need to get my truck re-flashed and try again. Predator told me to send the unit in and they would see what the problem was.
Have you added any new electronic goodies? I had to disconnect the power lead to my SIR-GM1. I had it tapped into the passenger side 12v plug.
I have gotten that same message from my Predator. Hopefully I have a simple answer for you. My problem was that I turned the ignition to the first position instead of the second position. :D That will do it every time.

Also as a FYI, I make sure the engine is warmed up before loading any settings. That will keep the glow plugs fom cycling and causing any power surges while loading. Some members on here have mentioned that surges such as doors opening, interiour lights coming on, will give small surges that will screw up the loading process.
Hmmmmmm....never thought about the sir-gm1.........I'll have to try pulling a bunch more fuses I guess.
Hey thanx lovette...........that's EXACTLY what the problem was. AND..... unfortunatly I am tied into the pass plug which is where the OBDII port get's it's power, so I couldn't just pull the fuse. I had to pull half my damn dash apart, just so I could go to the dealer on Monday.

BUT........thanx again man. I NEVER would have figured that one out.
Glad it worked. It took me a LONG time to figure that out. I had pulled damn near every fuse I could.
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