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Well it turns out that the rebirth of the HP was pretty short lived. Turned it on a few days ago and it printed one page before kinda freaking out and locking up. Since I got way more time than money now being that I don't have a job at the moment and may not even have much of an industry to go back to......

Since I had the time to read just about every hit for my model printer and watch every video I was able to narrow down what was BS troubleshooting and what was likely the real problem and fix. Several hours of entertainment there and some people that really can't make a decent video.

The 'fix' I settled on which wasn't for my specific model but seemed to be a pretty common trend for many HP laser printers was to remove what they appear to call the formatter board and bake it in an oven.

There is only 3 boards in the thing, power supply, optional fax module, and then this main board that has the USB and network jacks on it as well as several ribbon cables from various places on the unit.

It appears that most of the HP laser printers are put together very similar. The video I liked was a pretty basic cube looking printer only that was older than mine which is an all in one with the sheet feeder and duplex and all that junk. The boards were in the same location and the side cover basically came off the same way with one screw and some clips in a similar location.

Once you remove the board you have to locate and de solder the battery. Finding it isn't hard it looks like a small watch battery. De soldering wasn't as easy as they made it look. I used to do a lot of soldering and some de soldering but that was back when things were a little bigger and I could see a little better. I even cleaned up by bench a little and busted out the Metcal equipment including the fancy de soldering gun and eventually got er off the board without causing too much damage to anything.

Got the oven preheated to 350 F and picked out a nice pan and preheated that too. Put a little foil down just in case anything melted. The videos all say to make little ball stands out of foil to make standoffs for the board but rather than waste extra foil I found some sheetrock like screws that gently gripped in the mounting holes in the board to use as stands.

Videos said 8 mins at 350f so that is what I did. They then said let it gently cool on its own. I pulled out the ceramic pan it was in and left it on the counter in the pan figuring the heat from the pan would make it a more gently process. Only visual causality was the sticker on the little speaker device fell of and maybe the device itself deformed slightly.

Put er all back together and did a test and it appears to be working fine. No sound from the speaker so apparently that doesn't like the heat but I can live without that. Didn't fix the low toner and after some test prints it got a little light but the old shake the cartridge trick seemed to solve that so for the moment it seems like its a good fix.

The theory is that like many people found out the lead free solder wasn't quite what they thought it would be so a quick re heat kinda re flows it and fixes the connections.
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