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Here is more information regarding the winter version of the 405, the 409. Also from George Morrison

Flow-Master ® 409 Winter Diesel Fuel Treatment


Flow-Master allows diesel engine operation with No. 2 diesel fuel in sub-zero weather without the problems caused by fuel gelling. Flow-Master treats No. 2 diesel very economically for excellent cold weather performance with additional benefits for year-round use. Flow-Master is lower in treatment cost and more effective performance-wise than kerosene and No. 1 blended fuels.


The biggest drawback with No. 2 diesel fuel is that when temperatures drop, the fuel will gel, making operation of the equipment impossible. Clouding will occur at even higher temperatures, leading to fuel filter plugging by wax crystals which form. Kerosene or some other low pour stock requires approximately 30-50% treatment, compared with Flow-Master which requires a treatment of only 0.1% and lowers the pour point drastically through a unique chemical action which is completely unrelated to the pour point of the product itself. The reason fuel gels is because at low temperatures the wax (which is in the fuel to lubri-cate) forms tiny microscopic crystals. If untreated, these crystals will immediately begin to combine with one another to form a gel and eventually solidify. The unique chemical action of Flow-Master coats these crystals and retards their formation, maintaining the fuel's ability to flow at very low temperatures. In addition, it alters the shape of the wax crystals which form at the cloud point to enable them to pass through filters without clogging.

Flow-Master offers two new mechanisms not contained in conventional flow improvers: 1) a Nucleator creates more nuclei on which wax crystals can grow, resulting in more, but much smaller crystals, and 2) a Crystal Growth Arrestor greatly limits the ability of the wax crystal to grow larger. In addition, the micro crystals are kept in suspension and not allowed to settle into heavier wax concentrations in tank bottoms.

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