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I've got a Fleetco full air suspension and am quite happy with the arrangement (although Fleetco went out of business). I'll take a look at the truck tonight, but my "beam assembly" on the Fleetco installation is a straight beam which looks to be quite a bit stronger than the unit on the Primary Air Suspension. I'm currently running Firestone 8977 air springs. I don't recall the rating, but you need to keep in mind that the air springs in these systems are operating through a lever arm. They do not need to be rated at the axle rating, but at a lesser rating proportional to their distance from the pivot point. I'll check tonight on the rating of the 8977's: these are not the original air spings, but that's another story.

Ride height on my truck is almost level, perhaps 1-2" high at all times whether empty or towing my 13,000 lb horse trailer. The ride empty or with small trailer in tow is greatly improved and I like the constant ride height.

I am going to add a Schrader valve to the air tank just in case my compressor dies and I carry a spare air spring (I'm just risk adverse).

If you want the ultimate in reliability stick with good old leaf springs, but it sure is a shame that the OEMs can't offer an air suspension as an option in their one ton and larger trucks.

Rick T
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