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PPE Boost Controler

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Just ordered a PPE Boost Controler for my LBZ. Anybody have any advice? Easier install, max boost to run...? Also I have an Outlook Monitor and was told I need an analog gauge. Any suggestions? I don't want to sacrafice my Outlook Monitor. Any info will help. Thanks
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Get manual gauge for boost.30 psi is safe with big tune,26 psi for small tunes.I would suggest no more than 35 psi ever.I run all thier stuff.
Good products,Great performance and drivability.Are you using thier tuner too.

Are you a Glamis Man , If so look for me out there in White Kodiak.

PPE products have got my 12,000lb. Kodiak to the top of Oldsmobile.

Also consider upgrading Trans. down the road.
No. I live smack dab in the middle of the US. I'm just north of Kansas City about 45min so no Glamis for me. I will make the trip one day though. I spend my time in the sand box at Little Sahara in Waynoka, OK. Great times! About the tuner though, no I run Bully Dog. Don't know about PPE's tuner. Have any details on it?
[email protected]! Is your tuner adjustable on the fly? Like my Outlook Monitor on my Bully Dog, all I have to do is push the joystick up and it adjusts instantly. Do you have anything like that for yours?
No on the fly adjustments.Other that boost control and PPE maximizer,it is for higher fuel pressure,both on the fly.The tuner is 1-10 settings,not adjustable on the fly.But damn good tuner,code reader and diagnostics built in to tuner..Great drivability on biggest tunes.PPE uses your computer,not a piggyback in your harness.So when you go to dealer just put back to stock,and drop it off.I dont think you can do a on the fly when using your computer.Not sure.

Those dunes make me want drive to Kansas.Are they big dunes,Is it a really big area.Any really big sand hills to climb.I love playin in the sand.
Very Cool. People dont think the Kodiak will go very far in the sand,But theyre wrong.The DMAX kicks tale in the sand.I go everywhere,even places alot of trucks are afraid to go.Momentum is everything !

Have you went to the drags yet and blown off any rice burners or mustangs.A real kick in the pants it is.

Take Care , Gasuout :thumb:
The dunes are actually real close to the pan handle in Oklahoma. It's about 1500 acres of sand and sand trails. No where near the size of Glamis, but a fun little place. Their biggest dune isn't huge. Prob couple hundred ft up at most. But it's close, only takes about 6 hrs to get there. Prob not worth the drive from CA to see though.
You might get engine codes. Have a PPE on my LBZ and often get a turbo code. Haven't decided if I'm going to keep it yet.
After install, my Juice attitude monitor is useless for boost. I got an external/real boost guage.
Yeah, I wish my Bully Dog had half the options as the Edge. But from what I have been heard, the Bully Dog delivers more, smoother power.
serpa4;1562633; said:
You might get engine codes. Have a PPE on my LBZ and often get a turbo code. Haven't decided if I'm going to keep it yet.
Sounds like your turning it up to much,and causing an overboost code.
If you were using a PPE tuner,you could have them eliminate codes like that with the tuner.I dont mean clearing the codes.I mean eliminating the codes completely.Never see them at all.If you run all PPE products they are ment to work together.You can run other products in conjunction(STACKING)MEANING USING 2 Tuners Together,but sometimes some products dont like each other.I found on dyno testing that sometimes the edge clashes with PPE not making any more power that PPE tuner standing alone.Me personally I dont like the Edge beacause its piggybacked in the harness.PPE uses your computer.So when a trip to dealer is needed just set back to stock and drop off.Never had any ?'s from them.
I dont think your edge will do what a PPE tuner is capable of.The PPE tuner even has a diagnostic program like a mini TECH 2.You can drive down the road with your tuner plugged in,reading all functions of your engine(Injector balance,temps,throttle pos.,fuel pressure,everything.) Awesome functions. Trans relearn also,nice feature to have when changing from a tow tune to a hot tune.Important to relearn trans on hot tunes so the trans shifts right.My theory is the trans learns bad habits(soft shifting)
Great for towing but when you go to hot tunes if you you dont relearn the trans to shift firm on hot tunes you will smoke the clutches.The trans learns to shift firm.It is a learning trans,and if it learns to shift soft,you have reset to learn firm.It gets dumb not smart.It doesnt realize you just added 200hp to a soft shifting trans.I hear the LBZ does get smart,but how quick

I dont work for PPE I just love all thier products (Customer).When used all together they are absolutely trouble free.Sometimes its not the product its the user or misuse.Like the boost controller (No more than half way on dial) thats the way it works.If you turn it up to much your over centering your exhaust vanes.Sometimes when your adjusting value and telling the computer less to make more ,as the values go up and you meet its max it gets confused.
Set your boost at 30,thats were your turbo is most efficient,on dyno testing,the VVT turbo to make boost blocks the path of flow,so at some point if you block it to much,say 40 psi it becomes hindering because you are creating so much back pressure on the other side of the turbo blocking flow.Plus your putting your vanes in the path of flow more and thats what will cook them.Flow is everything,28-30 psi is the # for a VVT. Safe on head gaskets also. Gasuout:thumb:
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