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Power Pup Install

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Just installed the 65hp tune from a used unit from a member here at DP and all I can say is I'll never go back to stock again!

I too was confused on all the different tuners available and decided to sell the Banks 6G/SL package I had before I installed the pyro. I was looking for something a little less "permanent" and wanted to have some options like reading codes.

I have not noticed any louder ticks/ timing noise and my shifts have been smooth. I drove it for around 10 miles and then got on it and it has never missed a beat:D . I've got roughly 50 miles on it now and can say that you definitely feel the power at 1800rpms +. The flash did not take long at all, worst part was removing the 3 fuses in the cab.Great product for a cheap price!

Has anyone ran the extreme (135hp I believe) on a DD. I do have a light foot, but I'm still cautious about my Ally.
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Yup i ran the extreme in mine.For a little bit i need a 4 " exhaust.In extreme you can almost watch the fuel gauge go down.
5Cent;1552520; said:
The egt's that high in extreme? I've yet to get gauges, i know I should have them already, they'll be the next purchase.
The egts are to high for my standards.But just to touch and go every once in a while dont hurt as long as you dont stay in it.The outlook for the bully is my choice instead of the gauges.
5Cent;1552611; said:
I've been thinking about the outlook, just wish I had the triple dog to have the adjustability. What kind of egt #'s have you seen in extreme?
I havent hooked the out look up yet.Ill do that next week when i get time off from hunting.I should of already had it hooked up.next week my exhaust is gonna get changed out to 4" then ill dothe outlook .
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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