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Every tire on the market regardless of tread pattern, tire size, etc will be squirrelly when new for a few thousand miles. Doesnt matter if it's on a duramax or a honda civic. Just more pronounced on the heavier vehicles.

You just have to remind yourself of this and give the tires a few thousand miles of settling time before getting into them. I've often wondered about the folks you see every day at tire shops loading on new shoes for a long trip. I just cannot even imagine how miserable those first few thousand miles must be for the driver and family.
^^ This!

I go thru rear tires on my worktruck every 17,000-19,000 miles, so I get to experience this quite often (a 6.7 Cummins in a "light" medium-duty box truck will do that to tires). The waffle-tread retreads we put on are BAD squirrelly for the first week or so (~1000 miles), then they seem to settle in and drive straight.

I had a set of 265 Coopers on my red truck that were unstable to start with, then wore in. The 285 Hankooks on my blue truck have been fine since the day I bought them.
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