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To all

I wanted to remind everyone that the BB rules are posted and are clear guidelines on the basic rules of conduct here ....

Quick Summary ....
Members and readers are cautioned that though experience has shown most who participate in similar sites catering to the interests of enthusiasts do so with the best intentions and observe the rules of common courtesy there are those few who, for whatever reason, engage in deliberately provocative, aggravating, or deceitful conduct with the intent to cause mischief. The Diesel Place reserves the right in its sole discretion to close any forum topic thread and suspend the posting rights of any member or other user when, in its judgment, that member or user engages in conduct on the board that appears to be intended for the sole purpose of broadcasting personal invective against The Diesel Place, its moderators, members, and users, with no apparent redeeming purpose or objective. Users are only permitted to have one username on the site. Any individual attempting to login using multiple usernames or providing fraudulent information for the purpose of deception may be banned from the site.


We are a growing group of members that have some of the excellent diesel enthusiast around involved, and we should want to keep a civilized friendly appearance to the message board and attract other individuals ....Along with the Staff's Opinion , PM's have been received from current members that had made mention of the 6.5 having a bit of an offensive and slanderous feel ...... We will be doing our best to curb this recent activity ....

Nobody wants to see anyone banned from a site ....

Thanks for your time and keep the MEMBERSHIP and GET TOGETHERS Striving .....

TDPlace Staff ..... Edited by: Diesel Power
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