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please help

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Hello to everyone, and thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide.
I'm a new member as I came across your site while searching for help pricing a new 2500hd D/A crew cab. I'm an apprentice electrician in St Louis, Mo and really need help getting the price down on this truck. I can get green sheet on all Chrysler products because I work at the dodge truck plant in Fenton, MO, but I really want a Chevy! I'm nost humbly asking if anyone can help me get a gms coupon to help make this a reality. I feel guilty asking but I could really use the help. Thanks again for your time.

Sincerely: J.T.
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Just to clarify the above I dont work for chrysler corp., I just happen to work at their plant.
Howard might be able to help ya out..
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