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Hi all,

I just put new rims on my LMM with 4.5" BDS lift because my previous ultra's had corroded and were leaking.

I thought my ultra maverick rims were a 20x9 with 0 offset, so i replaced them with fuel sledge rims with the same measurement. Turns out my ultra's were an 18mm offset. Now my fuels rub on the rear part of the front fender just inside of my bushwacker flare.

I have already done the fender mod years ago where you cut and fold the fender, then screw the fender liner on to it for more tire clearance. Is there anything else i can do to get a little more clearance ? I have the fox shocks from the BDS kit... .could i put in bilstein adjustable shocks to get more ride height? Or is that only achieved when cranking the torsion bars?

Looking for suggestions to save me from having to run a smaller tire. Currently running 325/60R20 duratracs

Thanks !!
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