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Hound, The seal is fairly easy to replace, I would estimate around $100.00 to do the job. As far as replacement goes, remove the driveshaft and gather up a 1 1/2 socket. That is the size of the pinion nut. Take a pin punch and mark the nut and the pinion shaft with marks so that you may line up the marks when done to get proper pinion bearing preload. Remove the nut, then a few swift taps on the backside of the yoke should remove it, if not, you will need a bolt style puller to remove. Just pop out the old seal and put in a new seal.. Just make sure it goes in straight and does not get deformed when installing. Look carefully at the yoke in the seal surface and make sure its not grooved, if so, a light touch up with emery clotch should take care of it. If its too deep, it will require replacement. Reinstall the driveshaft and make sure the oil is full, thats it!

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