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pillar mount?

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Having trouble finding companies who have the pillar mount in stock, do any of our local vendors sell the pillar mounts?, would prefer to support them anyhow.
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I too am looking for a dummy proof has everything I need kit! So someone point me in the right direction.
I bought my pillar a gauges from banks as one piece. If you want to call them talk to this guy. He's given me excellent service and is a downright nice guy. I'm sure he can sell you just the pillar if you want:

Jeff Arend

Power Consultant

Gale Banks Engineering

Ph. (626) 969-9600 Ext. 4120

Toll Free (800) 438-7693

Fax (626) 334-1743
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Thanks, rolly shoot hima call when I get home today, appreciate it.
I believe we have any pillar mount you could need in stock.


Thanks for the number, called your store today, will be buying after payday. -Tony
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