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parts shortage

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I'm in need of a TCM for my 2013 Duramax and apparently there is a nation wide shortage for the part...So my truck is at the dealership and they maybe can get one in one to two weeks. Dan's diesel's looks like they my have some but they want $1,495.00 for one. I checked Autozone at it looks like they may have one but I have never heard of a TCM made by Doorman. Does anyone know where I may possibly get a TCM for my Diesel truck?
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You can try Welcome to the PartsVoice Parts Locator and see if one is sitting on a Dealer's parts department shelf
Browse eBay for NOS parts
Check with John Kennedy over at Kennedy Diesel or Brent over at Lincoln Diesel Specialties
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Things go much easier if you could post the part number you needed. 😠
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