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Part # ID help needed

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Hoping someone can help me ID a part number. Me and my 2007 2500
HD Classic (LBZ) are currently in Chile and I have a hose that is leaking at the connector and I need to order a new one, but I can't figure out which part number it is.

I'm no mechanic so this is the best description I can give, I have also attached a photo that should clarify things.

In the back of the engine compartment a bit to the passenger side of the center (as you look from the front of the truck), there are 2 hoses that seem to attach to the passenger compartment bulkhead. The one in the image on the right has the leak and it seems like the other end goes to the turbo, or something below that, not sure. I think this hose has engine coolant in it as the fluid very slowly leaking has a watery consistency and I seem to be very slowly losing engine coolant level in the reservoir.

Can anyone shed some light as to the part number for this hose so I can order one and have it shipped down to Chile for me.
Thanks, Eric
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If it gets to the firewall, it may not be the hose. The cabin heater hoses go through the firewall through some plastic fittings. These are known to crack and leak.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts