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my 04.5 has been throwing this code p0601 for a week now, after researching this code it appears my ecm may be in need of repair.
some posts indicate that a ecm "reflash" fixes the code.

I have checked all harnesses for rub thru and shorts, verified all grounds and cleaned and checked all pins on the ecm and tcm connectors. verified voltage at new batteries and at the alternator while it running.

questions are:
1. has anyone had success with a dealer reflash if they can even still do it.
2. I have hp tuners and the mpvi2 and if i were to download and then upload the current stock tune wouldn't that accomplish the same thing?
3. I have found a local place that will test and can repair the ecm for around 400.00 (is there a better or cheaper solution if the ecm is bad)?
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