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I have 2003 2500 Chevy Duramax Allison sb extra cab 2wd. I am pulling a 33-5v Arctic Fox with a Prodidigy brake controller. The truck and trailer was weighted and the trailer weighs 11500 lbs. The pin weight according to Northwoood is around 2100 lbs. I also have a 30 gallon Transflow fuel aux fuel tank. The truck can carry 2500 lbs on a fifth wheel and tow 15700 lbs. I have been to Florida and back a 2100 mile trip with no problems. I also made a trip in the mountians of Virginia with no problem. The truck rides level with the 5th wheel on it. I did not want a 3500 as I drive this truck as my every day driver. So far nothing but praise for this truck.

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