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opinions on mechanics

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I was wondering if it would be a good idea to find a local mechanic to take the LLY to. I think the dealer is a ripoff and am not totally convinced that they have diesel techs that know what they are doing. If an independent mechanic is a good idea how do I know that they are qualified? is there some good questions to ask to make sure they are farmilliar with the allison and duramax? Or do I keep going to the dealer??

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any diesel mechanic can work on a dura...its all in how well you trust people...personally i hate dealers too...the guy i have do the work to my fleet is a 21 year old guy that works at an auto shop here in my town, he went to wyotech for diesel mechanics and he charges 20 an hour and i buy the parts. i have had 0 issues with him...he's done about everything on my trucks. thats way better than the 70+ an hour dealer shop rates are. try talking to one of the mechanics at the dealer....see if they'd be willing to do your stuff on the side or on weekends....thats what i did.
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