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Recently the OnStar in our truck has developed an issue and I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced the same symptoms? If this is an easy fix, like re-plugging a connector, it might save me time and a trip to the Dealer.

So, recently, the little rear view mirror light, to the right of the buttons has occasionally turned red and then sometimes green. Okay, I thought at times that it might be blocked signals or interference from the atmosphere. Then, it was red more than it was green. So I called OnStar while I was driving and asked if they knew why it was red. They ran a diagnostic check and said they detected a malfunction with the cellular antenna. I then found online a YouTube video about the same situation and it pointed to unplugging the antenna connector at the OnStar module, under glove box, cleaning and re-plugging. I did this and all was well with a green light for a day. Now, the light is green in the morning upon cranking it up after the truck has slept all night and while driving to work. After shutting down at work and then upon cranking the truck up after work, the light remains red until the next morning again. I have recently read of other GM owners experiencing a dead OnStar module backup battery.

This silly light thing is frustrating. It didn’t make sense to me that there was a cellular antenna malfunction when I was able to call and speak to OnStar while driving. And, if this issue does point to the OnStar module backup battery being dead, then wouldn’t it get power from the trucks batteries, charge and show a green light? Also, if this does point to the OnStar module backup battery being dead, are the two new batteries that the dealer installed a couple of months ago in jeopardy of being drained because of it?

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