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What are the oil bypass pressures for the 6.5?

I was reading thread


and others generally about oil pressure and oil temperature etc.

I ran accross this doing a google on it.


I looked in my helm manual and it shows location of oil cooler bypass and oil filter bypass but they don't give P/N or pressures. It only tells me 10 psi minimum oil pressure at idle warm.

I know of lots of posts on remote mount oil filters and some (a few of my posts too) recommend some over others due to pipe fittings size etc. But never seen one recommending changing oil filter pressure bypass when using remote mount???

I thought I have read somewhere it was low like 15 psi. But above link says factory big block gas bypasses at 11 psi. I figure 15W-40 the bypass would be higher anyone know?

I figure cold our oil coolers and remote oil filters are getting bypassed a fair bit which is fine but what about at warmer oil temps and at idle?
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