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My son has a '90 K2500 w/ 4 speed manual transmission. Last Saturday he called and said the driveshaft dropped out of the truck. I went to pick him up, located the drive shaft and a piece of the rear extension housing from the transfer case was still attached. I pulled his truck home and looked at it the next day.

After investigating the carnage, the rear extension housing was broken in two, the pump retainer housing and rear main housing were cracked and the output shaft is bent, not bad, but more than I would feel comfortable using. The yoke on the differential is ok. The clamps that hold the rear U-joint are still there, one is a little disfigured.

The transfer case will turn, no unusual noise. I am baffled at what happened? We are now looking for a "lightly used" NP 241 for a replacement.

Two things...
1) Anyone have any ideas what happened?
2) Anyone have a good NP 241 they want to get rid of?

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