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Not A Dmax, but the 4200 I6

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Way off topic here, but I've always been curious about something. Is the inline 6 in the Tblazers/Envoys a hot running motor??

Ever since we've had it it's always ran around the 210+ mark for the water temp. Cold or hot weather make no difference. I even took it in once for diagnostics, but more or less was told the gauge was 3 degrees off and within spec.

So, since I don't have the upmost faith in the dealer, is this a normal operating temp for this motor?

Off subject, but I figured you out of most could give me a trustworthy answer.
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Rick, the 4200 does indeed like to run at the 210-220 mark and does it with no problems, overall, its a very good engine, smooth running and lots of power considering its a 6 cyl. One thing about these engines is that they do NOT like dirty oil. They use variable timing on the exhaust cam and the cam phazer is pulsw width modulated to allow oil flow, any restriction can cause issues and potential problems. Not trying to scare, just to make sure your regular on your oil change schedule, I dont feel its necc to advise most of the people on the board of regular maint as we all seem to take excellent care of our vehicles, but when they come in the door at the dealer, we literally have to pound that in to the customers head..

I welcome questions from other GM products as well, even know this forum is primarily a Duramax section, We all have second vehicles.
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Thanks for the info. As for maintenance, yeah I do my best. Although, the owners manual claims up to 12,000 for the Oil Life

I still change it every 5,000 along with my max. I just hope that it proves to be as well reliable as most other inline 6's of the past. It took an act of God to get her out of her Grand Cherokee 5.2 V8. A 97 with 115,000 and more problems than I could shake a stick at.

What I'm dying to see is the new Colorado's/Canyon's with the inline 5. Should be an extremely well balanced motor, decent hp ratings and economy.
yes, the i6 in the gmt-360/380 platform is a good motor indeed, as you noted, the i5 is coming along and an i4 will follow it, all based on the same basic design, just loping of a hole. The very early production i6 motors had some issues with cylinder liners cracking, and that would warrent a new engine. GM has even issued a special policy, which extends the warr on the engine should that failure occur up to 100k or 7 yrs. It is only VERY early production runs so most that would have failed have done so already, usually less then 30k on them.
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