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NOOBY bought a DMAX from DP classifieds

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Hello everyone. I just bought a lb7 from California this weekend. Great truck! My wife thinks I am nuts for driving 1400 miles back. Well I am glad I did. Love the fact that my tranny is built out and the high dollar upgrades are done. The motor was replaced at 101,000 miles the truck has 104,000 on the clock. From what I read the motor should have been broke in at about 500 miles (enough to apply power and tow) I do plan on upgrading this truck further with either a ATS/Turbonetics turbo or nitrous, who knows maybe both? Thanks Diesel place for new member of the family!

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checking sig!
Congrats...drive safe on your way home with your new ride !!
Made the trip home to Houston. It was crazy went through snow, rain, sleet, fog and some sun (Rarely). What a comfortable truck to drive. From 70 to 100 nailing it on I-10 seemed like it was almost instant.
Sounds like you picked up a sweet ride. Congrats and enjoy.
I am trying to attach a pic and my window says page error where the done is normally at the bottom left. Tried refreshing and what not
Here is one it as night though. Some from this board might know of this truck. It just looks like a white 4x4 work truck until you hit the pedal. One question for you guys with 4" exhaust systems. I have the cat axed (cali truck) how much louder will the truck be minus my MBRP muffler? Is it anoying crusing highway speeds? In a perfect world it would be back ground noise until you hit it hard. Not really looking for much more ponies from this mod just a bit more rumble and some more turbo whistle.


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Kinda looks like this one!
(Image has been resized. Click it for full size.)

Glad you are enjoying the truck. I know I did.
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That's a sweet ride. I love how clean it looks without all of the stickers.
1000HP damn man your truck looks just like mine? Might I add that is one sweet looking ride!
My new truck isn't much different.

Hope you still have tire tread left. It's been a few days.
I was being sarcastic about the pic you put up. Check your email! BTW got katskinz on the way.
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