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I am thinking of getting this for both performance tuning and monitoring capabilites. But my issue is that I am nothing more than a network engineer not a gear head or someone that even understands fully how these engines work. Being a computer guy, I enjoy turning knobs and adjusting things just how I want them to work. I am not looking to make a lot of power, I just want to be able to play. I also want to be able to smoke thoes OVER EGOED HIGH SCHOOLERS AND THERE RICE BURNER CARS THAT THINK BIG TRUCK = SLOW TRUCK! (God it felt good to get that off my chest).

Are people like Kennedy or some of the other experts planning/thinking of making some custom tunes available that might help newbies like me understand what was changed and how it affects the truck? Should I just save my cash and get a Preditor? Some guidence would be appriciated. I think this software is the greatest thing since the personal computer, but I want to know that "I" am going to be able to write a tune and not screw my truck up to much. Thanks.

I think that you will see some basic starter tunes being shared with the public very soon.

The software is very good and it is not hard to make changes to your truck. Simple things like raising the speed limiter reflashing for tire sizes, etc are just basic numerical value changes.

You can very easily change the fueling and the timing, try it and see what difference it makes.

If you are interested in it download the software from EFI-Live and either myself or Trippin can send you a stock file so you can play around with the tables.

Then if you want the hardware to load the tunes into your truck simply purchase it.

It is not quite try before you buy, but you can play around and get the feel of it.

T;) NY
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