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i had nitto terra grapplers, SUCKED, in my opinon, UNSAFE, hydroplaned all the time n didnt last at all, currently have toyo mt's like em alot pretty dam good wear pretty good appearance and ride, i really want mud grapplers, LOOKS BADASS, i love the sound of em too, and they are some goin tires from all i've heard, i just dont want em to wear out n no time, i'v seen where some ppl say they lasted for a long ass time otheres the opposit, i drive ,mostly 60mph highway and 35mph winding mountain 2 lanes and of course slow in town driving, this is my dailydriver, i just wanna know what im looking at here, and will be 35 12.50s, also i know their great in snow but what bout rain? hydroplaning?

thankyou, kevin
Hate to let you know this but Toyo tires and Nitto tires are made by the same company and just have different brands. Toyo is the parent company of Nitto. For those non-believers look at the Toyo M/T and the Nitto Mud grapplers, all are available in the exact same sizes. Same with many of their other tires.

As for me I like the Toyos, but have always been a BFGoodrich fan. All of their tires are much lighter and just as strong. They get the power to the ground better. But I have been running Toyo M/T b/c the new KM2s don't have the size I want. Ha!
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