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Just thought I would post a note about my install.....first off, thanks John (CS-DMAX) for coming up to help with the install, I really appreciated the help. Unfortunately he took 1st place again in getting another diesel bath, thankfully only his arm this time. We made pretty good time, only about 2.5 hours start to finish. Funny how the second install goes much faster and smoother. Had enough time left over to do the high idle install on his truck!

Anyway, no new different ideas or ways to install other than what has already been posted here. One thing that is different already is that my idle knock is gone!! I took a drive out to our not so local truck stop to get some fuel. Put in my 3oz or so of FPPF and by the time I got back home the idle knock was gone!! Not sure if it was due to fueling up at the truck stop, the FPPF, or the filter... I would like to think it was due to the filter, but either way I am sure the mighty DMAX appreciates the clean fuel by the way it sounds!!

Thanks again Nick for the great kit, everything was included and everything installed without a hitch!!

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