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I am convinced of the need for an additional fuel filter on the Duramax, but why have I (we?) not heard so much about fuel filtration on a gasoline engine? Or is it just me?
<LI>Lower pressures?
<LI>Is gasoline inherently cleaner - thus the problem is minor?
<LI>Is injection maint cheaper on a gas engine?
<LI>Injectors for Diesels are less tolerant to contaminations?</LI>[/list]

Just curious if I should be looking for something on my '03 Yukon XL. It has a 5.3L (did I mention gutless?)
in it and gets MANY more miles on it than my Duramax will see. It is the family "mini-van" and gets just over 2000miles/month.

Thanks for any input!Edited by: BKG-22
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