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Nicktane Filter Kit

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Ordered a Nicktake kit last week, am looking foward to getting it, hopefully this week. BG
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Haven't quite committed yet myself. Looks like a class hardware setup to me. I sure like the easy access. Your name seems familiar to me? I'm retired AF also. Lowry, Goose Bay, AF Weapons Lab, Iran, Watertown NY, San Antonio, Arizona??
You will be very happy with the fit/finish of the brackets... if you desire a rear fenderwell deflector, tsckey has made one and its pictured in the nicktane forum:


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I retired 1 Jan 67 from USAF Electronics Security Command Hdqtrs, alsp refered to as Security Service in San Antonio. Worked for for RCA for six months and then hired in at Kelly AFB in the Directorate Of Material. I was a technican in the Material Mgmnt area for the USAFSS 466L System. Moved around in the Directorate Of Material and when I retired I was a supervisor in the Auotmmatic Test Equipment tech service area for fighter aircraft Retired from USAF Civil Service 1 Jan 88. My wife worked for Hq USAFSS also and retired in 88. She worked in the computer area. If you were in USAFSS you might know one of us. If you were on main Kelly AFB you might have known me in Bldg 171 (The Directorate Of Material). Got married at Davis Monthan AFB (Tuuscon) in 1950. Was a Buck Sgt then making big money, about $180 a month.
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Another kit installed !

The only problem we had is the guy that installed the kit did not read the instructions well and he did not tighten the primer screw on the kit. So for 3 hours they have been priming and cranking the crap out of my truck and could not get it to start.
I was getting very nervous and I called Nick in 30 seconds he figured it out and five minutes later my baby fired right up


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