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I've heard that EFILive came out with the latest version that will work with 06LLY Duramax on my van. I have converted my van to run on Veggie oil and I would like to do some R&D and experimentation as to the best settings for burning veggie.

I have a few newbie questions about the capabilities of the latest EFI version. Please bear with me as these questions will be very basic as I am not familiar with EFILive at all. I have tried reading the EFIlive web sites but I just come out more confused because I am totally unfamiliar with it.

1. I would like to manipulate the injection timing of the engine. Will EFIlive allow me to advance the injection timing? I understand that there are multiple injections, will EFILive allow me to manipulate the advance or delay or spread of each of these different injection events.

2. Will EFIlive allow me to control the amount of fuel injected? (related to question 1 above)

3. Will EFILive allow me to change the lift pump rate to lower it? I would like to lower the rate that the lift pump sucks fuel to control the amount of fuel that is being returned. This will allow me to heat the WVO better since it is now flowing at a lower rate.

4. Will EFILive allow me to manipulate the shift points of my tranny? I have a 4L85E tranny.

5. Will EFILive allow me to manipulate the length the glow plugs stay on. I would like it to possibly stay on longer for easier starting in very very cold weather.

6. Will EFILive allow me to manipulate the high idle feature. Possibly adjust it to high idle whether or not it is cold outside or not.

7. Are there tunes out there that are specific to the detuned 06 LLY Duramax? More specifically, I am interested in tunes that lower HP to achieve better fuel mileage. Most of the time, I run empty, so I don't need all the HP.

8. Will EFILive allow me to monitor readings from the OBD connector. I am interested in readings like Fuel rail pressure, fuel rail temps, etc. This is so that I can monitor the differences between burning veggie and Diesel.

9. Will EFILive allow me to manipulate when the cooling fan comes on? I understand it is some kind of viscous clutch that is mechanically activated, so this might not be possible.

10. How much is EFILive, with all the necessary connectors, for personal use in 1 vehicle? Will the personal edition of EFILive have all the features I need to achieve the above goals.

11. Will EFIlive tuning work in conjunction with the Diablo sports Predator tuner? I will be using Predator soon.

I would appreciate any other fact that might be relevant.

McRat, if you happen to read this, I would appreciate your vast experience with tuning using EFILive.
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