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Hi Guys, I recently purchased my first Duramax Diesel Engine. 03 2500HD 4X4 LT EXT Cab. This is the first Diesel Engine that I have owned and after reading some of the great information on these engines from previous post I feel a lot better about the extra cash I spent on this one. However I have some questions About the engine.

How often should I perform oil changes? I use to change the oil in my 2001 8.1l about every 3000 miles.

Fuel filters. I noticed alot of post about adding a second fuel filter. Is this really necessary of just a good precaution? I have read the information on the Nicktane filter and it seems pretty sound from the results that have been posted.

I will be putting 285's on it here soon and know about the torsion bars adjustment. Had to do that one on the 01 HD.

Also what is the juice that everyone seems to use with these vehicles?

Would appriciate any additional information that you can provide as I plan to hold onto this one for as long as I can.

Thanks in advance for the advice

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Hey I am a new owner as well, so can;t offer the insight on oil changes, but lemme be the first to congrat you on your truck and welcome to the site. -Tony
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