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The brand new 2004 GMC Sierra Duramax/Allison will be in
the driveway within the next 4 hours. From what I've
been reading, the OEM fuel filter is insufficient, so
either an aux fuel filtering system or replacement
filtering system is in order. I live in northern
Illinois, which isn't too bad in the winter, but it does
get down around 0 degrees at times.

I've been looking at the Nicktane filter, and it seems
like a high quality filter. But I've also been looking
at filter systems by Dahl, which seem to provide water
separation. So I've got some questions... Does the OEM
fuel filter provide water separation? It appears that
the Nicktane fuel filter does not provide water
separation-- is that correct? What are your opinions/
experiences in regard to water separation?

I'm also interested in "Filter Minder" products-- are
they worth it? It is my understanding that they must
be placed on the suction side (before the fuel pump).
My new GMC has the OEM filter after the fuel pump,
meaning that to use the filter minder on an aux filter,
I'd have to mount it BEFORE the fuel pump, thus BEFORE
the OEM fuel filter. However, it seems more practical
to have the OEM filter first in line (catching the larger
particles), followed by the aux fuel filter AFTERWARDS
(catching the remaining smaller particles). Thoughts on
all of this?

Our truck does have an engine block heater. I've also
read that additives can be used to help prevent fuel
gelling. Also, there are fuel heaters. You thoughts/
comments on these items/methods?


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Ray/Nick: Thanks for the responses. I plan to keep this
truck for as long as possible (500,000+ miles?), so I
want to do everything I can to promote that achievement.

Nick: I'm glad to hear about your talks with Filter Minder.
Can the Nicktane filter be added AFTER the OEM filter?
That is what I was thinking of having my mechanic do.
Once the kit is installed, is it particularly easier to
access/change the filter if it is either pre or post OEM?
Or does this not make a difference? I guess the same
question applies to view-ability of a Filter Minder.
Another question: Will having TWO fuel filters have any
adverse effect on the accuracy of the Filter minder (or
Filter MinderS-- if two were used?)

I checked out the links on Primrose. Seems like a high
quality product, but... isn't there a better way to deal
with water (and the other issues) than having to mix
an additive with the fuel? It's not a HUGE deal, but
it just seems a bit ackward.

Is there a number I can call with more questions about
Nicktane (or to order)? BTW: My truck is Summit White
also, crewcab/shortbox. Just had a Line-X bedliner put
in, and the nerf bars and tonneau cover are coming soon.
Any suggestions on brands of nerf bars?

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