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I must say I have heard of this forum for quit some time.
After haven been a Ford person for 16 yrs. I got feed up with the problems of the 6.0L. I can happily say I love the GMC Durs.

I do need some assistance and have done some reading on what I need help with and have discovered I am not alone.

It has to do with the fifth wheel towing capacity of my 05.
Where can I get a quality set of add a leafs for some extra capacity.
I will be adding air bags also.

I should probably have a dually again, however I need to make this work for now.
I have seen guys yanking 40' toy haulers to the dunes loaded with bikes and there is no way they are not over the manufacturers ratings for a non dually trucks.

Trailer- Alpha Gold 17,380 lbs
Truck- 2500HD Duro SB SRW
Any info. is appreciated
What could be done? I am looking for the right solution for the time being.
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yeah leagally you are over. get some tire that are min 3400lb rating and try and keep the pin round 2800-3200lbs. at min get air bags and good quality shock the stock flat out SUCK. bilisten as acommon replacment along with rancho 9000series. prodigy brake controll.
you might want to look in to tom fredric sway bays
there are guy here that routinly load to 30kgcvw on these trucks with no porblem pulling them or stopping the load

so ill recap
pin wieght normally is abourt 2500 max on a stock 2500hd i went with the 2800-3200 due to the extra weight and disturbution reason.
gauges min boost andd egt as a VERY good idea
shocks the stocker suck bigg time rancho/belisten are a common replacement
sway bars my tom fredric a good invest ment who is a vendor here
air bags a must have 5000# leveling kit naturally
brake controller right now the best is the prodigy bt techsoa(sp)
stock tires are rated at 3084 and with 3000 lb in the bed those are very close to thei limit you rear axle weigh about 2900-3200 pounds empty

i hope this get you in the right direction.
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I have the prodigy I have use them in several trucks. imo they are the best.
I will definitely look into the tires and switch the shocks I didn't think of that.
Also the Alpha is triple axle so that should help the pin weight, Ive heard anyway.
Great info. I will take it all in.
pin should be between 15-25% or 2500-4000 pounds for the weight you pousted adn yes the tri axle will help also on trailering

tires wise look at 265/75R16 most are in the 3400-3500lb range along with the 285/75r16 rated a little higher

the 245/75R16 are a 3000 lb tires
welcome to the diesel place
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