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New here, with questions.

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Hey there, first post so might as well shoot off all of my questions at once. I would like to start by saying I have learned alot by reading this site. I am getting better working on gassers but I have not owned or worked on diesels. I am interested in getting one in the next year. I am thinking about getting a used one which brings on the questions:

1.) What to look for when shopping as to potential problems.

2.) Do all Duramax's come with the Allison or are there some with the 4L80-E's.

finally...3.) I love the color Sunset Orange Metallic, but I have never seen one with a diesel. Has anyone seen a CC/SB with the D/A 4x4 this color, or is there no hope.

Thanks in advance for helping me.

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Looking at the Drivers Information Center over the steering wheel (assuming the truck has one) I would look at both the mileage and the total hours. Helps to evaluate if the truck has been driven over the road or in town, idled a lot, etc.

You want to make sure the fuel filters have been changed on schedule, or even better, a secondary filter installed (I don't know, outside of fanatics like on this website, how knowledgeable the general Duramax public is about the need to keep dirt out of the injectors.). Get a service history.

The Duramax comes with either a 6 speed manual ZF, or the Allison. Nothing else. If you have bucket seats and a center console, only the Allison. Not many stick shifts out there.

I cannot tell you about the colors.
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Reineke---Just some of my thoughts and I'm sure others will chime in to help you out.

(1) I would check the hour meter against the total miles. You can tell if the truck idled allot or has been run on the road. Try to talk to the previous owner and see if he had any problems with it.

(2) The Duramax only comes with the Allison or a 6 speed standard. No 4L80 was ever put behind a Duramax.

(3) Have no idea.

Hope you can find a good used one, you will love the way it runs and pulls.

k1xv--you beat me to his questions, but it looks like we were thinking along the same lines. Have a good day.
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In case you don't know just push the trip odometer button with the ignition off and you get the hours reading.
Hey, Thanks for the help and info. I had just one other question as to a good hour to milage comarison. What would seem like an excessive idle time to lets say 30,000 miles? Just a little question....

FWIW I've got 10,000 miles on mine and 225 hours. Mostly highway driving with a mix of around town and idling. Dunno what's normal but I'm guessing I'm fairly close (for being in a rural area).

The sunset metallic orange was only done until 2001.. I agree, it's my favorite color out of the HD's I've seen, there aren't a lot of them out there though. Best of luck finding one!
Cant you reset the hour meter? Maybe I need to reread my owners manual but I thought you could.
I don't believe that you can reset the hour meter.

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