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Hi, I have been lurking in the back ground now for several weeks and have not found a BEGINNERS area for new diesel Owners. I bought a 2001 Duramax crew cab 2500HD with the Allison tranny (used) with 60,000 mi.

What I would like to know is, what things do I need to know that is different from a Gas motor? ie., Do I need to Warm the motor up longer? (I live in North Eastern, Cal. It gets pretty cold during the winter, It's 17 deg. out right now)

Should I not stop the motor if not needed (quick stops, Mailbox, ect.)? Any thing that a new diesel owner should know that the Owners Manual don't cover.

I have read LOT about a pre-filter, and am looking in to it

Thank you for all the great posts. Keep up the good work.

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Hi right back at ya thanks for joining and welcome to the "Place"

I think you'll find the diesel doesn't warm well at idle .... I'll normally at temps like you mention let my truck idle about 10 mins before driving off keeping my speed moderate for the first few miles .... Less if I used the block heater ... Also use the cold front to assist and a high idle install ....

Short trips aren't the best for any motor .... Getting engine up to full operating temp is what is best .... Excessive idling time, hard to define but long as your maintenance is good I wouldn't worry .....

Keep researching into secondary filtering and you'll find that it will be a valuable improvement to the OE fuel system .....

Good luck with your truck Ease the seat back relax and enjoy the ride !!!!

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