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Salutation Everyone,

I’m very new to the diesel world as well as this :cool2: Diesel Place forum. This particular thread http://www.dieselplace.com/forum/showthread.php?t=63151&highlight=clattering caught my attention because of the subject regarding “clattering” and I’ve read both pages including the links provided by Hotwater. Most of the issues with a broken #2 and/or #7 injector wires go together with lost of power to the point of requiring a tow to the nearest dealer.

I’m wondering if my excessive clattering normally around 1700~2000-rpm could progressively be going towards the same broken wires. It doesn't matter if its semi-cold or wormed up at 185-degrees, when I hit those rpm ranges, clattering is noticeable and it doesn’t matter at what speeds. Although, it doesn’t seem to have a noticeable lost of power (at least to the point of having to call for a tow). I’m relatively mild on the forward peddle anyway, due to the newness towards a big diesel truck. My contemporary daily driver is a small modified Equinox that’s fairly zippy.

I just bought this 04.5lly truck in Texas last July and haven’t put to many miles on it; in fact it only has 6750 miles on it today. I’ve been slowly educating myself on the overabundance of modifications that can be done on these trucks; it’s almost overwhelming how much power can be achieved with just a programmer.

Anyway, I started out with the installation of some simple mods, a week before I left Texas to assist me in pulling a loaded 6x16 tandem trailer. I installed an AFE stage-II air intake system, the all on DRL H/L lights mod and the Edge J/A which I ran for a week at 3/3 to get me and the truck use to the extra power “I learned the last two from DP” :bounce: I also bought a 4” turbo-back Magnaflow system but haven’t installed it because it came late and when I finally settled in Southern California (our new domicile) I was told that I need to leave the Cat on, due to CARB requirements and yet the kicker is that three of the smog centers I went to wouldn’t even hook up to it because they said it wasn’t required to smog a diesel. “What the heck?” :banghead: I’ve checked with a few local muffler shops and they too wouldn’t R/R my exhaust with a turbo back system. I’m leaving this subject alone for now because I think I need an EGR blocker kit to prevent a check light anyway. I do not have any check engine lights on at the moment and the Edge has been turned back down to 1/1 setting for economical reasons.

I’m really ):h sorry for rambling on, but I thought I needed to qualify my situation and the issue of excessive clattering, which I’m extremely concerned about and hesitating to run it into the dealer because of the fear that they are going to blame it on the mods I’ve installed. I’d hate to remove it if it’s something I can tend to without the dealer. I’ve taken a lot of care meticulously installing them.
Please :bow: to any and all the DP guru’s, :help:
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