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Picked up my new 2008 GMC 2500 Saturday. But have had plenty of time to learn about the truck and potential upgrades here on DP over the last 8 weeks since I put down my deposit.

Been going through modding withdrawl since parting ways with my UrS4 (pic in garage). I had about $30K in upgrades into her. But got married and had to part ways with the toys to make way for the rock, the new house and washer/dryer that the wife wanted.

Now the theory is that I can fill my modding fix/daily driver with a single vehicle.

Was pleasantly surprised to get an additional $2000 in new rebates the day I picked up the truck so the upgrade list grows.

Thanks to Max Power,DSTRBD,Nick at Norcal and all of you for your help thus far.


Stock pic in garage.
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