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(I apologise for the wall of text, I got carried away).
Hello folks. I am posting for my dad here because we are running out of options for his truck. I appreciate any help or opinions that I can get. Please tell me if I should be posting in a different forum/thread as well for more exposure as the last transmission post was in 2017.
My dad has a 2005 sierra 2500 Duramax 4x4 6 speed manual. A couple weeks ago he was accelerating in 3rd gear, clutched in, put it in 4th, let the clutch go (going around 30km at this point) and the rear wheels locked solid. He clutched in and tried again, same thing. Ended up towing it home and he could get into 1st and 2nd fine but could not get into 3rd or 4th. Drained the tranny, fluid was pretty metallic but no chunks. Pulled it and got a tranny shop to open it up, thinking to rebuild it but they pretty much had to torch it open. It was toast. Syncros welded to gears, ect. Pretty sure it started with a blown bearing or race. Looking back he could remember some minor signs of bearing falure, noise, a bit of deceleration, but nothing major till then.
Ended up by a stroke of luck finding a 2001 sierra 8.1 at a wreckers with a 6 speed in it. Had only 150k on it for $1500, sounds too good to be true? Threw it in the truck and the 3rd gear syncros are shot and the 4th gear whines like a hydrostatic transmission. So its no good the way it is. Fortunately there is a 60 day return.
So we are running out of options. We can’t find ANY used transmissions, found a couple of used trucks to part out for the tranny but there is other costs involved in that too. Can’t find anyone who sells parts for it, and only 1 transmission shop I called would even try to work on it, but could not promise being able to find parts.
So here are our options so far:
1. Find a used tranny and risk it being good(anyone know anyone who has one? We are pretty much willing to drive to the states to pick it up).
2. Buy a used truck and part it out but keep the tranny. Same risk, also the only used trucks I can find locally are 2wd, which I’m assuming have a different tailstock? Can I mount a transfer case to one of these? Would I have to change driveshafts lenghts?
3. Rebuild the one that we have. So far it costs 1500 for the tranny, min $600 for the tranny shop to open and close it, + parts and any extra labor. IF they can even get parts. Thinking of doing it ourselves, Anyone done this before? Costs involved?
4. He was actually considering selling the truck before this, so maybe sell it as is? But the money we lose form selling a non-working truck is probably not worth it.
5. Buy a rebuilt tranny. Found 1 for 6k, but it sold pretty fast.
6. Do a manual to auto conversion. Dad would love this, but I imagine that it would get pricy and labor intensive.
7. Any other options? I cant think of any and my dad’s getting pretty discouraged with all this.
We are located in the GTA area in Ontario, If anyone knows anyone local that would be awesome.

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These guys list all the parts (just googled them, never bought there), and offer reman units, but, I don't see their core charge.


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