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I'm on my way home to colorado from a big 4wd event (Ultimate Adventure) and I'm pretty sure we lost an injector in my LB7. Engine idles super rough, lots of grey/white smoke and balance rate on #8 is 14.

We're near Flatwoods on I-79 in West Virginia and should have another truck and trailer that can haul all our stuff down to Charleston and even as far as Lousiville KY. We have a load of parts we need to pick up near louisville to haul home so we'd like to stay within a few hours of there to avoid a lot of back tracking.

Any known good shop recommendations in the area?

We also have the option of doing the work ourselves if we have some shop space to take up for a couple days. This might be nice because it could let us get some work done over the 4th when everyone else is going to be having fun.

thanks for any ideas!
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