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Cap'n here, I'm new to this site but not new to diesels. I have had a slow progression up the Dodge line starting with a Dakota. My last gasser was an 04' Hemi 2500. I really loved that Truck but when we decided to get a 5'er I traded it in for an 04.5 and I haven't looked back. I really bombed out that truck with Edge/MBRP/Transfer Flow/B&W but for reasons I will not go into I had to sell her. I picked up my 06 in March and just now started adding some accessories.

I'm here looking for some answers and I'm sure if I dig into the forums I will find them but I will post them anyway.

1) I'm looking for an inline fuel filter to go from my RDS toolbox/tank that I picked up from Northern Tool. I have the fillneck kit and I'm looking for something that I may be able to pick up local if possible. It's gravity fed if that helps at all.

2) I just installed a fairly complicated remote start/alarm on the truck. It took me several days because I really didn't know the ins and outs of these current systems along with the way the bypass kits and negative start wires worked. I definitely have a good feel for them now so I may be able to help anyone else out that is considering an install. I am looking for information on the defroster so I can get it turned on. I took the panel apart and the switch is connected to a module. There is a harness for all the controls with about 12 wires (I think) does anyone know which wire controls the defroster or have a schematic on this unit for an 06 Mega Laramie?

Thanks and I'm glad to be here!
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