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Hey guys,
Thought some of youse guys might find this of interest.....
Have been working on a number of small projects of late. Since my "Burban" will be a second DD, I'm a fan, when they go un-driven for any length of time, they be tethered to a maintainer, especially, when they two batteries.
So, not wanting to continually open the hood to attach clamps to the terminals I installed these ring terminals. At the same time, changing out the battery lugs for something better for the purpose. How many of us have added accessories that require a direct 12V power off the battery plus side? Us vintage car guys run into this all the time. When not using the charger, I can unplug the connection, cover the open connection with an included weather proof cap and stuff inside the bumper.
I found these "studs" online from @ Amazon. Also, discovered my secondary battery ground cable attached at the intake was coming apart. Replaced that too.
Hope these help some mates here.....
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