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My lly buyback experience

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I had fought with gm customer service for almost two year with little help. i had showed them all the times it was in and how the motor and transmission had overheated. they finally gave in and offered me a extended warranty on the transmission. after the second summer with my truck being in at least five times and a total shop time of around 70 days i decided to file with the BBB. It was not more than three hours after i filed with them gm was calling me wanting to know what they could do to get me to drop the case. they offered me a 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. i told them that was great but could they fix the problem. they replied no. they fought me tooth and nail for almost 6 months until the day of arbitration with the BBB. about five minutes before the hearing they agreed to the lemon law voluntarily. Under our state lemon law they can repurchase the truck or replace it with a similar model new or used. here is the gm reps exact words as close as i can remember them (WE HAVE CHOSEN TO REPURCHASE YOUR TRUCK BECAUSE IF WE GIVE YOU ANOTHER 05 YOU WILL HAVE THE SAME PROBLEMS). they were very curious about whether i knew of the service bulletins on overheating and where i got all my info. i went in very prepared. i had about a 100 pages of bulletins, vin numbers of buybacks, sworn statements of others, pictures and the list goes on. the people at the BBB said in all there years of service they have never seen anyone so prepaired. i even had the help of the consumer protection agency of the wyoming state attorney generals office. the standard time for the buyback should only take one month. it took almost 75 days to get my check. once i was dealing with the buyback portion of gm they where very polite and nice to work with but with gm customer service i hope to never deal with them again. i am very happy with my lbz. it is quieter and has a lot more power. this summer will be the real test but i don't expect there will be any problems. would i do this again? probably not. it would of been easier to just buy the cooling system from tx. this whole process has been very stressful on myself and family. i thank all those that have helped me through this process, without all of you this might not of went my way.
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I'm glad things worked out in your favor. good luck with your new truck.
Yep, buybacks are designed to be a pain. They know they have to pay anyway, but they also know that the "average" person will not hang in there. I did two buybacks, one with F#$D, and the other CHR^&&R.

The lawyer said all mfg's will settle on the steps of the courthouse, because if it goes to trial they know a jury will give you millions just to stick it to the mfg's , and they know that big time.

Ford fought me for three years, but had to pay 60k to my sheisters, and give m e a new truck anyway, plus a warranty, plus I drove their junk for three years for free.
With what I learned I did the second one on my own. I took it in three days in a row for the same problem, then told cust. service pick it up it's Lemon, A rep called said please give us one more chance, I said I don't have to but I will. He called a week later and said, order your new one. It was painless and finished in a month.
You have that right you must document EVERYTHING.
I agree with you about going through it again, even after the good experience.

My first one was such a pain, next time I'm just going to trade it in and be done with it - my time is worth WAY more than that.
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Glad you got'r done. Love my LBZ, No OH here.
You would think they would have come up with a valid fix by now for the trucks that overheat. Heck, they could slap a 06LLY engine / cooling stack in them for less than what it costs to deal with a buyback, then they could sell the used engines.

But I'm sure there would be even a cheaper fix if they would pull their head out. Put the front cooler stack and fan assy from an LBZ would probably do it.

glad everything worked out for you
Congrats!! Enjoy the new truck!:)
Yes Buybacks are designed to discourage the individual and most people cannot hold out financially, and that is what they are keying on. I went through the complete Lemmon Law process in Texas, with Nissan North America. My Son just had to have a Titan when they came out and @ 6890 miles it puked the motor and went in the Stealership, (Streater/Smith Nissan on Conroe Texas to be exact) and they tried to void the waranty over a K&N filter system he installed, that he actually bought over the counter at the Stealership. And it went on and on for 18 months. He drove a rent car for 3 mos I was having to pay for out of pocket @ 2500/month. So I just took him down and plopped down for him a new Bowtie to get the rental down, and we waited them out, when we finally got to a hearing, the Judical Advocate ruled in our favor and made them not only buy the Titan back, but they ended up paying all the payment made on the Bowtie plus my time off work to appear at all the hearings, and mileage back and forth to Houston from home, came out smelling like a rose. The system works it's just slow and time consuming. Have all documentation if anyone ever needs it if they get in the same boat, plus Karen @ K&N has it all too, and will share it with anyone, K&N sent two engineers and an attorney to my hearing to speak in my behalf, the were jam up solid people and backed there product to the hilt. Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act 42 U.S.C.2302 (which is federal and good in all states) cleary states that any after market part installed on a vehicle that does not interceed from the throttle body to the rear of the catylitic converters, does not void any factory waranty. That keeps them from pulling crap on you for changing wheels, or running K&N filters and such. Because waranty's are written in the favor of the Stealer. They are left with lots of gray for weaseling room. Do your homework and do not fold, that's what they are counting on.
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Now worth my time and trouble. That is exactly why I went ahead with installing the V2.

My LLY now dances a little circle around my buddies stock LBZ.

I know he has a stronger built engine and an extra gear, but I got 50 extra gallons and about 40hp and 90 ft.lbs on him. :D
ya, it differently wasn't worth the trouble. I'm just glad its over and done with.
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