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Thank you to everyone who helped me out by giving the proper information to do this job correct the first time not the third!!! I went ahead and installed a small LED just above my cig lighter. It lights up when there is power to the circuit....just in case I get side tracked and forget to actually bump up the RPMs.

The funny thing is I went to my local GM dealer asked them about this and they had no idea....it also turned out that they missed out on a bid for fleet trucks because they could not come up with this High Idle setup. So, when I picked up my pin today they were not happy campers. Then I go back with my truck now set up with it...the parts guys actually said they were embrassed they could not give me the info and that I found it online! Not to mention lossing out on a fleet bid. I gave them the info I had...they made copies...now they are ready to do it themselves.

I love all you guys on this site

How about them Rams
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