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I got to pull my first real load with my wife’s Duramax last weekend. Before I get started I must say that I know this is not much of a load compared to some 5<SUP>th</SUP> wheels but it is the biggest load I have ever pulled.

I loaded my 5,000-pound Massy Ferguson farm tractor with a 500-pound box blade on a 16-foot dual axel utility trailer and about 300 pounds of other stuff on the truck and headed out through the wilds of Georgia to help my son move some dirt and rocks.

It is a 50-mile trip, one-way: Just enough to get the feel of things and to see how the Duramax would do with a “load”. I had a little of every type of driving. A little city, a little interstate, a little secondary roads and a little country roads; hills, and on the flat.

I have been reading about the abilities of the Duramax here on the Diesel Place but I was not prepared for how easy it was to just walk that rig up the road. I never exceeded 55, even on the interstate but I could tell that it would have gone on up to 70 if I had wanted to. Needless to say I am please.

The only thing I had a little concern about was the Tow/Haul mode. I was aware that when engaged it changed the shift points. What I was not prepared for was how much it changed them. With never exceeding 55, the transmission never went into high gear. As soon as I realized this, I took it out of Tow/Haul and allowed it to shift. I did engage the Tow/Haul when I was in city traffic, in order to get the added engine braking. That worked wonderfully.

Just wanted to let everyone know how pleased I am.
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