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Ok, first off. I am impressed with the Westers PCM. I asked Lyndon for the 92 octane tuning. Same as the Predator. There is a definate gain over the Predator. I ran it a total of 22 miles this evening and a lot of it was WOT runs. Like I said previously, I don’t have any tracks near me. All I have is little places where I can run some personal tests. So here is a run down on what I got so far out of the Westers vs Predator. This is on a straight stretch of road in a rural area. Its not perfectly flat, but it’s as close as I could get. These are my 0-60 times with another person in the truck running the stop watch over my shoulder.

Test- Predator- Westers

Run 1- 9.49- 8.97
Run 2- 9.49- 8.95
Run 3- 9.53- 8.94

I then went for a little drive varying the throttle from cruise to wide open. I then went back to the same spot I did my 0-60 runs before and ran them again.

Run 1 was 8.49
Run 2 was 8.43
Run 3 was 8.47

So just by driving it a little more it seemed to make better times. If you look now, those times are one full second faster than any of the best Predator runs.

I also ran a few mph test. Again, nothing as far as official track times. Just mph differences from point A to point B. Three different places to mix it up a little.

Test- Predator- Westers

Run 1- 64mph- 66mph
Run 2- 73mph- 76mph
Run 3- 83mph- 87mph

Again the Westers is better. So………..from a very satisified Predator user, I am impressed with the Westers so far. If it hold true that it will get better after some more miles. Then I cant wait to see what it has in store. Now keep in mind that this is a comparison with the Predator. Not over stock tuning!! Hope this all made sense. Any questions or comments, let them fly
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