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What exhaust system to you run?

  • MBRP

    Votes: 1,576 42.1%
  • Corsa

    Votes: 77 2.1%
  • Borla

    Votes: 34 0.9%
  • Flowmaster

    Votes: 79 2.1%
  • Banks

    Votes: 568 15.2%
  • Summit/Jegs

    Votes: 52 1.4%
  • Motoblue

    Votes: 49 1.3%
  • Magnaflow

    Votes: 493 13.2%
  • Silverline

    Votes: 190 5.1%
  • Kennedy

    Votes: 48 1.3%
  • ATS

    Votes: 29 0.8%
  • Straight Piped, stock size.

    Votes: 272 7.3%
  • TTS

    Votes: 25 0.7%
  • Dynomax

    Votes: 31 0.8%
  • Hog

    Votes: 14 0.4%
  • Bully Dog

    Votes: 70 1.9%
  • RBP

    Votes: 41 1.1%
  • Volant

    Votes: 15 0.4%
  • Jardine

    Votes: 58 1.5%
  • Gibson

    Votes: 21 0.6%

Most popular 4" exhaust system

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Another common question is whats the best exhaust or whats the most popular. Just select from the above options and if I forgot one let me know and I'll add it.

No need to reply to the thread unless you want to go into detail about what you have or why..cat or no cat, etc.
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No drone for me on the Maganaflow. About the quietest straight thru design I have heard.
Do all these great systems fit good on an LBZ? I read the entire thread and want to install a stainless powerful mean sounding exhaust on my ec sb 2500 LBZ as soon as possible. Which one is the best combination of power/sound/ less drone? I don't mind paying extra because this truck will last me 10++ years and you only install exhaust once (hopefully). Thanks in advance.
I installed the MBRP cool duals( turbo back, bye bye kitty) on my LBZ 3 weeks ago. Fit was great once I cut 1" from the muffler outlet( better fit around lt. shock). No drone. Sounds great. Only comp is after 3 weeks some surface rust on the pipes. Mine is 409 ss.

I just did the exhaust friday and its great just what I wanted the exhaust to do 4" cat back system
MBRP cat back
MBRP down pipe back Duals. Just installed this weekend and very impressed with the system. Sounds good and the Turbo spools much faster.
Ordered hog ss exhaust 11 days ago, just got it today. I was anxious to install it and check out sound and egt reduction. Opened box and said 409ss
and also it was made in the phillippines. Hog performance advertises 304ss only and everything is made in house Ut. Called to see about switching to 304 and they are out of stock. They want to charge me shipping to return and restock fee of 10%! I am out almost $130! I let them know I felt miss led by their adds. They told me they were sorry for doing business with me and will do nothing to help.I asked if they could lower the price due to lower grade exhaust and was told no, just send it back we dont price match.. Now they lost a customer, cost me money and made nothing. Wish I would have bought mbrp, I hear good things about them. If they credit my card back I think I will go mbrp, Im sure it will be another couple of weeks.
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that sux, sorry you got the shaft on that deal. I know of another company that did the same thing, which I PM'd you about... anyways, get with Mark Craig @ DPPI.. he has sold tons of MBRP systems on here and he is one of our supporting vendors.
hog exhaust

Well I went ahead and installed hog exhaust friday night. Decided to save money on return. Drove about 100 miles out of town to visit family and see how it does. Installed 4 inch including front pipe and muffler in loud position.Sounds real good till about 70 mph, then it gets pretty loud and increases with speed. I was thinking about turning muffler around, Wife and kids said no way, it sound too good the way it is so i'll wait a while and see. Egt didnt change at all. With factory exhaust, lb7 without cat from factory my egt was between 500-600 at 65 mph, no change at all. Wot boost picked up 1/2 lb from 21 to 21-1/2. It does sound real good below 70mph, looking forward to towing with it some time.:driver:
I only read two opinions on the Magnaflow. Both times it was said there was low drone..and somewhat quiet. Is there a consensus on this? I got a sweet deal on a 4" turbo-back Maganflow. I'm planning on running no muffler. Is it going to be quieter than my MBRP w/muffler on my last truck?

Lost me. You want to know if a no-muffler system, is quieter than a muffled system?
Lost me. You want to know if a no-muffler system, is quieter than a muffled system?
Kinda. Looks like the Magnaflow is a little more quiet than other exhausts. I had the MBRP with a muffler on my last truck. I'm going to be putting the Magnaflow with no muffler on my new truck. I'm hoping the Magnaflow exhaust has a good sound with NO muffler...cause from the couple posts I read...people think they're quieter.

Thanks for looking:eek::

Yes, it is quieter. There is reason for that. And you are getting ready to defeat that reason. The muffler.

I would guess that if you put a magnaflow, and MBRP, side-side, no mufflers, they'd sound about identical.

But if you want quiet, what are you thinking?
no. I'm against quiet haha. I'm afraid the new exhaust i'm getting was going to be quieter than my last. Hope that cleared it up. I'm for LOUD!

Sorry for being unclear,

MBRP for me

I just had the 4" MBRP (T-304) "Cat-Back Cool Duals" installed. :exactly:

I drove the truck to the "Muffler Shop" and they installed them in just under two hours. They're comment... "This system was the easiest (out of the box) system we've installed"

They removed the "Stock" and installed the "New". No cutting, no bending, no extra parts needed... :thankyou2

They look Great... They sound Great... :cool2:

I'll put some pics in my garage this weekend.
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Just installed a silverline 304SS 4" turbo back and it is great. This system replaces a Jegs 4" that was on loan from my nephew (ecc_33). Installation was quick and easy, especially since the stock system was already out. Fit and finish were excellent and only had to make 2 cuts, one to shorten down for my EC/SB and the other to position the tip properly.

It seems like the tone is a tad deeper and more mellow due to the silverline muffler being about 10" longer than the Jegs muffler. It sounds great and less intrusive in the cab than the Jegs system. Definately recommended!
Just got the MagnaFlow on today and it is quieter than my old MBRP. Gonna have to find the muffler delete.
why different

quote=Bodysurfer;770018]BANKS 4 bolt-back w/ MBRP frontpipe[/quote] Why did you go with different front pipe,mbrp, instead of going with all banks. What advantage. I ordered the banks also because they have only the ex cab long bed setup after turbo. also do you like the quality,extra power. thanks
How big is the stock exhaust, and does it really make that much diff?
Is the MBRP considered Turbo back?
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