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What exhaust system to you run?

  • MBRP

    Votes: 1,576 42.1%
  • Corsa

    Votes: 77 2.1%
  • Borla

    Votes: 34 0.9%
  • Flowmaster

    Votes: 79 2.1%
  • Banks

    Votes: 568 15.2%
  • Summit/Jegs

    Votes: 52 1.4%
  • Motoblue

    Votes: 49 1.3%
  • Magnaflow

    Votes: 493 13.2%
  • Silverline

    Votes: 190 5.1%
  • Kennedy

    Votes: 48 1.3%
  • ATS

    Votes: 29 0.8%
  • Straight Piped, stock size.

    Votes: 272 7.3%
  • TTS

    Votes: 25 0.7%
  • Dynomax

    Votes: 31 0.8%
  • Hog

    Votes: 14 0.4%
  • Bully Dog

    Votes: 70 1.9%
  • RBP

    Votes: 41 1.1%
  • Volant

    Votes: 15 0.4%
  • Jardine

    Votes: 58 1.5%
  • Gibson

    Votes: 21 0.6%

Most popular 4" exhaust system

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Another common question is whats the best exhaust or whats the most popular. Just select from the above options and if I forgot one let me know and I'll add it.

No need to reply to the thread unless you want to go into detail about what you have or why..cat or no cat, etc.
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Just finished install on a 4" AFE Atlas on my 2005 LLY Longbed crew. I didn't change the downpipe because other than the AFE Stage 2 intake, my Duramax is stock. Like most installs, cutting the old system out was the hardest. The new system went in quickly and I had to get a 4" muffler clamp for the tailpipe as the stock band clamp wouldn't secure it. No big deal as it was $5.00...

The slight turbo lag is gone and it pulls well from a standstill all the way up. I like the whine out of the tailpipe and the rumble from the 12" muffler sounds really good. Overall, very happy with the quality of the Atlas system.
I run the Silverline no cat single side exit. Love the sound and the fit and finish. Have had their kit on an 02 Ford and now my 06 Duramax. And installed on the big 3.
anyone try the 18980 from magna flow. its got the down pipe and no muffler single side exit. I got a cclb lb7 and wondering besides the lower egt how is the sound.....dont want it to drony at cruise...running my ppe on setting 2.thanks
1 for MBRP just finished a turbo back install on my 06 LLY! Love it!!!
Hello I have the 07 classic 2500 dmax .. did you go Stainless on your exhaust system ? any pics just bought my 07 1 month ago an so far I like to looks an what I hear about the mbrp system .. you do any other upgrades
So many options..."help"! Currently having re-gen issues with DPF putting me into constant limp mode, so I'm looking to make a new boat anchor out of the P.O.S., and want to replace exhaust and install programmer. I don’t want big sound out of my 2009 3/4 ton D-max...just a slight performance upgrade and reliability! If I go with Edge J w/ A, can I delete my DPF??? I assume this requires a software up-grade from Edge...converting the programmer to a race version??? Also...what exhaust combination would folks recommend to delete the DPF and maintain close to stock noise levels?? Should I just eliminate the dpf, or replace entire system???

Thanks All for your help and time!
I am in need of a new or used down pipe for a 4" exhaust on a 1994 K3500.

And this is why I always say, get a stainless system. The previous owner replaced the OEM stainless downpipe with a bigger down pipe but cheaped out and did not get the stainless. Now I have a downpipe with holes. And it is not all that old.

Where is the best place to buy a stainless down pipe?

What size down pipe goes with the 4" exhaust?
Searching I don't see to many options out there. Found this and it seems you can only get a 3" down pipe.
BD-Power 3" 6.5L Aluminized Down Pipes
The down pipe is smaller than the 4" system.

I could not remember the size of the down pipe, stock or for the 4" exhaust.

Thanks for the links
Flo Pro and SS diesel both have Stainless 4" exhaust systems. Neither has a ball and socket or flanged connection where the downpipe meets the exhaust pipe. I will not instal a system without a removable downpipe on my vehicles. Makes it a royal pain to service the injector and glow plug.

Does anybody know where I can buy a ball and socket or flange connection to install the downpipe with?
361 - 369 of 369 Posts
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