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What exhaust system to you run?

  • MBRP

    Votes: 1,576 42.1%
  • Corsa

    Votes: 77 2.1%
  • Borla

    Votes: 34 0.9%
  • Flowmaster

    Votes: 79 2.1%
  • Banks

    Votes: 568 15.2%
  • Summit/Jegs

    Votes: 52 1.4%
  • Motoblue

    Votes: 49 1.3%
  • Magnaflow

    Votes: 493 13.2%
  • Silverline

    Votes: 190 5.1%
  • Kennedy

    Votes: 48 1.3%
  • ATS

    Votes: 29 0.8%
  • Straight Piped, stock size.

    Votes: 272 7.3%
  • TTS

    Votes: 25 0.7%
  • Dynomax

    Votes: 31 0.8%
  • Hog

    Votes: 14 0.4%
  • Bully Dog

    Votes: 70 1.9%
  • RBP

    Votes: 41 1.1%
  • Volant

    Votes: 15 0.4%
  • Jardine

    Votes: 58 1.5%
  • Gibson

    Votes: 21 0.6%

Most popular 4" exhaust system

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Another common question is whats the best exhaust or whats the most popular. Just select from the above options and if I forgot one let me know and I'll add it.

No need to reply to the thread unless you want to go into detail about what you have or why..cat or no cat, etc.
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I run ATS Duals, which imho are the best. They are also the most expensive. You cant beat MBRP for price and quality though. I don't know about Silverline. I have one here to install on a Dodge next time I do one. tpitt
Added ATS to the list
i don't see Rolling Big Power on your list. I have a RBP on my truck and love it(no cat)! Great sound and huge performance change.:ro)
that sux, sorry you got the shaft on that deal. I know of another company that did the same thing, which I PM'd you about... anyways, get with Mark Craig @ DPPI.. he has sold tons of MBRP systems on here and he is one of our supporting vendors.
How big is the stock exhaust, and does it really make that much diff?
stock exhaust is 3.5" and yes it makes a huge difference in EGT drop.
Is the MBRP considered Turbo back?
MBRP along with the other manufacturers have Turbo back and cat back systems available. A majority or all of the ones replying to this thread are full turbo back systems..aka Front Pipe and Cat back.
Thanks for all the help. IHave decided to go with MBRP and hope to get it next week. mailto:[email protected] has been alot of help as well.
Great choice and Discount Power Parts is one of our supporting vendors as well.
Jerry_Lee;1245601; said:
Can somebody help me? I have an exhaust question. I want to run a turbo back system. Is it true that the 2006 lbz motor does not have a catalitic converter because I got under the truck today and it has something where the converter would normally be. I was told that it was a resinator. I guess what I'm trying to figure out is if I run new exhaust from the turbo without a converter will it pass inspection.
2004.5 and up DO have catalytic converters. Removing the cat will NOT pass inspection. You will need a cat-back system retaining the cat and you should pass just fine.
speedster;1237708; said:
How about the Volant system???I hope someone is running it and will chime in about it..thanks
I can add it to the poll although I've only heard of intakes.
PRVRT;1257020; said:
What about Jardine? Putting mine on now. Have not heard much about them, but will post once install is finished.
halo13;1612285; said:
what about afe's exhaust system? Don't see it on the list
I can add it. I only added the ones I knew of at the time..if there are others let me know and it will be added as well.

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