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What exhaust system to you run?

  • MBRP

    Votes: 1,576 42.1%
  • Corsa

    Votes: 77 2.1%
  • Borla

    Votes: 34 0.9%
  • Flowmaster

    Votes: 79 2.1%
  • Banks

    Votes: 568 15.2%
  • Summit/Jegs

    Votes: 52 1.4%
  • Motoblue

    Votes: 49 1.3%
  • Magnaflow

    Votes: 493 13.2%
  • Silverline

    Votes: 190 5.1%
  • Kennedy

    Votes: 48 1.3%
  • ATS

    Votes: 29 0.8%
  • Straight Piped, stock size.

    Votes: 272 7.3%
  • TTS

    Votes: 25 0.7%
  • Dynomax

    Votes: 31 0.8%
  • Hog

    Votes: 14 0.4%
  • Bully Dog

    Votes: 70 1.9%
  • RBP

    Votes: 41 1.1%
  • Volant

    Votes: 15 0.4%
  • Jardine

    Votes: 58 1.5%
  • Gibson

    Votes: 21 0.6%

Most popular 4" exhaust system

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Another common question is whats the best exhaust or whats the most popular. Just select from the above options and if I forgot one let me know and I'll add it.

No need to reply to the thread unless you want to go into detail about what you have or why..cat or no cat, etc.
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The Silverline is very similar to the MBRP in fit and finish, but don't have the flange where the cat delete pipe is on the MBRP. It comes with the cat delete and is a real nice system if you have an LB7 without the cat. Also, the Silverline system comes w/ a dual wall tip that looks real sweet! The Silverline muffler don't have any welds on it either. It shouldn't rust at the welds like the others do. My buddy has one on his LB7...Sounds great!
changed a lot

I started stock, then went w/ the Magnaflow cat back...loved it....added the MBRP front pipe and loved it more, then deleted the muffler w/ the MBRP muffler delete pipe....good sound, but anoying at times...back to a silverline muffler and MBRP cat delete. All 409 by the way! Maybe duals next!
MBRP is louder than Magnaflow. the drone on the Magnaflow is a little less too.
1 - 4 of 369 Posts
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