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More Power

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Hello, i have a 95 gmc with a 6.5 non turbo (yes one of the odd balls) letter "p" engine with a 5-speed. How can i get more power with out spending alot of money? i pull a 8000 pound 5th wheel with it, it does ok but when the hills come, don't get behind me. I haved the truck now for 8 years and it is been farily good to me. But with my camping habit, i need more power.
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well, the most obvious thing would be put a turbo on it. However, I'm guessing thats more than you want to spend, in which case I'd start with the same things you do to any engine. Intake and exhaust. Maybe one of the vendors sells a non turbo performance chip? It seems like there's still potential power from a computer even without the turbo.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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