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More Power

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Hello, i have a 95 gmc with a 6.5 non turbo (yes one of the odd balls) letter "p" engine with a 5-speed. How can i get more power with out spending alot of money? i pull a 8000 pound 5th wheel with it, it does ok but when the hills come, don't get behind me. I haved the truck now for 8 years and it is been farily good to me. But with my camping habit, i need more power.
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Welcome to the forum, green............

Easy as hittin' yer local boneyard, strippin' the turbo and exhaust manifolds and PCM off a 6.5TD, slippin' the stuff under yer hood, and then you can start playin' with the big boys - remote-mount FSD, gages, hotchip, exhaust, cooling, charge-air cooler, the sky's the limit.

Or, maybe a Cummins 5.9...................
The NA and TURBO engines are identical - get the turbo, exhaust manifolds, and PCM, field-strip your engine, dress it out with the turbo stuff.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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