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I'm not fond of headers but I know straight piping mine gave it more low end snap and abit more top end rev. It had to relearn to not drop the idle too low with the increased flow though.. If you don't like straight pipe or need to get emissions tested, I put a glasspack on dad's and it is nearly as loud as mine and just as snappy.

You are right about net gain too, I am sure from the k&n (15) the straight pipe (10?) I figure I got at least 10? I know it beats a stock truck with just that much difference. My mileage went up from 11 to 12.9 with these mods as well.

12.9 (less in the winter) really sucks bad though I think... Not sure why it is so bad when the truck runs so good.. Even having the right pedal stuck to the floor all the time it ought to be better than that? Truck is a fuel
Been that way since it was new...
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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